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OUT DEC 7 2023



Who's the Kid?

Kid Eternal started in a small closet in the corner of a tiny one bedroom basement apartment I wrestled from a godfather of mine and could rarely afford the rent.

The studio was literally inside a small closet! We were trapped there for years! One that could hardly fit an old desktop upright and not enough room to swivel my chair round in full 360 stylé. This encouraged pure focus on the screen and flogging music out of the  beat up desktop, a small keyboard that sat on my lap and an old tape recorder where vocals were sample manually in painfully long routed sessions.

The process of getting here has been gruelling so to say we do this for the love of music is a pure underestimation of your thought process!

The product, our work, is our pride. We make sure our records are fun and adventurous. Each one needs to have strong lyrics and hooks that make you go yay  We will not touch a song that has a weak melody either - that is like being forced to eat cauliflower at dinner, just no!  

Needless to say, we only want to work on projects we love - after all those years in that small closet shack, you can imagine that now we do not want to go into the studio to work! No, we go there to play and have a great time....we hope you can hear that in our records and they leave you on the eternal quest that is, feeling like a kid again.

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